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Who are we?

Service oriented, quality focused car rental company

Incorporated in 2002, we are a car rental company which owns its fleet of vehicles. We select, train and manage each chauffeur to ensure that you experience a safe, comfortable and smooth journey.

300 +
owned vehicles
branch offices
1 M+

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What makes us who we are


 With humble beginnings in 2002, we are self-funded fully owned and controlled car rental firm at its core. With its Head office in Mumbai, we provide car rental services across various cities across India.

Our focus is on corporate passenger travel in which we ensure that corporate SLAs are met and service levels go beyond expectations.

We integrate technology at many levels throughout the organization so that our travelers can have a smooth, accountable and transparent service.

Our team has experience of an average of 15 years in corporate travel. Not only will our team be able to answer to your every query, but they will be able to suggest the most optimum choice of travel depending on your itinerary.

To know more and sign up with us, feel free to drop in a message below and we will get in touch with you.

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